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How to Cover Acne Scars in 4 Steps

How to Cover Acne Scars in 4 Steps

Acne scars or dark spots take a while to heal. It can take weeks or even months before you completely get rid of them. While you wait for your acne scars to disappear, especially with the help of skincare products like Vitamin C, you can use makeup to conceal them.

Using makeup to cover acne scars is easy as long as you follow the right application techniques and use the right makeup products. Patience is also key! Using makeup to cover acne scars will take more time than your usual makeup routine so it’s essential to stay persistent in order to get a flawless finish.

The next time you notice new blemishes, follow these five steps to conceal the scars:

Step 1 — Start with a good primer

If you have a lot of texture due to scarring, always start with a good base otherwise your makeup won’t go on as smooth. Prep your skin with a primer to balance out the texture of your skin and minimize the appearance of your pores. 

Step 2 — Go for a full coverage foundation

Choosing the right type of foundation is just as important as picking the right primer. Use a non-comedogenic foundation that won’t clog your pores or cause your skin to break out. A full-coverage foundation with a matte finish is ideal for oily skin or skin with acne scarring. Sometimes this step is enough, if so skip to step 4.

Step 4 — Look for a full coverage concealer

Hiding acne scars can be tricky especially if your spot(s) are red or inflamed. Luckily, you can easily correct this with a color-correcting concealer.

Color correctors are great for canceling out unwanted hues in your skin. Green concealers help neutralize the appearance of redness. Yellow concealers are perfect for evening out purple.

Never rub concealer on scars, dab it instead for a natural finish. 

Next, apply a concealer that matches your skin tone to put on top of the color correcting concealer and make sure you know your skin undertone so the shade you use perfectly matches your skin. 

Step 4 — Finish with powder

After you’ve effectively concealed all your acne scars with your color correctors, concealers foundation it’s time for the finishing touches. The last step is to apply powder to set your makeup in place.

Applying too much powder can make you look cakey so to avoid this, choose a powder that’s a finely milled Finishing Translucent Powder. The powder diffuses the appearance of imperfections and sets your foundation perfectly.



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